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Un secuestro en México - Audio Book (Download)

Why just read the novel when you can have students IMMERSED in the story with the official Audiobook!

To ensure a memorable experience for your students each audiobook contains:

  • original music
  • sound effects and
  • voice acting from Native Spanish speakers !

Un secuestro en México Audiobook sample:

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ISBN: 978-1-60372-590-3

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Un secuestro en México - Novel

by Anne Licata-Solaas

Level 4/AP - Varied Tenses - Unique Word Count 925

Lucas Solís and his family travel to Mexico City for spring break. At the airport, he meets Madison Vélez, the president’s daughter, and they immediately hit it off. Later, Lucas receives a video from Madison in which she says that she was kidnapped. When he goes to the authorities, Lucas slowly begins to suspect the police’s involvement as well. As he tries to help Madison, clues lead him around various important locations around Mexico City. But will 17-year-old Lucas be able to help save Madison before it’s too late? 

With 925 Unique words and a 27189 word story with varied tenses and moods, this book would be great for advanced students.

See Un secuestro en México - Sample & Glossary


Immerse your students in the sounds of language with the Audio book.


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ISBN 978-1-60372-443-2

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