Benefits of Attending the 2018 NTPRS Conference

Benefits of Attending the 2018 NTPRS Conference

A summer camp for teachers—why not? Just because you’re teaching already, doesn’t mean learning or harnessing your skills should cease. Teaching is a continuous learning process, especially if teaching secondary language is a specialty or primary focus. There are many facets to further improve on with foreign languages and participating in language classes for teachers may just be what is needed for a better and more fulfilling career.

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Blaine Ray has been providing TPRS training and workshops for TPR Storytelling as among the very best method of teaching foreign language for over threes decades now. And this year, the 18th Annual National TPRS Storytelling Conference is in Danvers, MA.  There are exemplary workshop presenters and other experts in the field for a week of coaching, inspiring, and training second-language teaching professionals to help their development. Señor Wooly will be giving a full concert, Dr. Bill VanPatten will be delivering the keynote speech, and Martina Bex will be giving the closing talk.

But should you really join these language workshops for teachers? Once again, it’s all a matter of wanting to be better in the teaching field. This is the one conference specifically catering to secondary language professionals, providing helpful and highly beneficial information and skills through inspiring workshops, sessions, and other special events.

For starters, this conference is open to all professionals of all skill levels. Regardless of your level of experience—whether a beginner or on an intermediate level—feel welcomed to harness your specific skill set and hopefully learn the necessary techniques as well. Also feel free to choose among the wide variety of topics and sessions that you would like to attend to. If you’re looking to learn a certain skill or activity, then this is a big opportunity to tackle those topics.

Another great advantage of attending the NTPRS Conference is spending time with colleagues in the field aside from the coaches and presenters. This is a great chance to network with other TPRS teachers, especially those from other states or even welcome a potential job opportunity along the way. And of course, come up with collaborations with other teachers regarding your TPRS teaching development as well.

Attending the NTPRS Conference might just be exactly what you need to reinvigorate our teaching, especially if you feel as though you’ve hit a slump or bump. This will not only benefit your career, but would definitely aid your students in getting better second language education.

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  • Super Early bird special $299 until November 1st.

  • $349 until February 1st.

  • $399 until June 1st.

  • $449 after June 1st.

  • Teacher Registration includes Monday Breakfast and Friday Luncheon

Administrator Registration

  • $150 (scroll down for more information)

  • Administrator Registration includes Monday Breakfast and Friday Luncheon

Pre-conference workshop: Coaching for Coaches

  • $100 (see this page for more information)

Breakfast and Luncheon Tickets for all participants will go on sale beginning October 1st.

Hotel Web Site:
Doubletree by Hilton Boston North Shore

  • Conference Rate at the Doubletree by Hilton Boston North Shore – $109 plus tax for single and double occupancy

  • Make hotel reservations by calling 978-777-2500

  • Mention the 2018 National Conference on Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

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