"Canada's 1st National TPRS Conference"

1st Canadian National TPRS Conference

August 13-16, 2019

West Vancouver Secondary School
1750 Mathers Ave
West Vancouver, BC  V7V2G, Canada

Welcome to Canada’s first National TPRS Conference website! Here you will find everything you need to know about the conference, what is offered and how to register. Use the tabs above to explore how this Conference can, as many others have said before, change forever the way you teach languages!

Welcome to NTPRS 2019 – Canada!

In Canada, we have many languages and language programs that are offered at different levels including, French immersion (early and late), Intensive French and Core French (FSL).  In addition, we have many heritage language programs, Indigenous/First Nations language programs, and other languages such as Punjabi, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, etc. TPRS is a method that will help any teacher at any level to achieve their goals of speaking and writing proficiency.

To take advantage of this incredible method, the NTPRS Canada Conference will provide two main tracks consisting of sessions that can help you right where you need it! Check out the following TRACKS to determine which one would benefit you the most. With few exceptions, the tracks will run Monday through Wednesday while Thursday will be jam-packed with a variety of presentations and innovations from the TPRS world! Before you finish registration, you will need to PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TRACKS.


  • The BEGINNER TRACK is designed for teachers that are new to teaching with methods that implement Comprehensible Input.  Generally, if teachers have been to less than 1 or 2 workshops, the Beginner Track is a perfect start. This track starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday with open sessions on Friday.

  • This workshop is for teachers who are new to TPR Storytelling® or for teachers who feel that they need to revisit and practice the fundamentals of the method. In this workshop you will:

Develop TPRS® skills with step-by-step training,

Be a student in a language classroom,

Practice with an experienced team of coaches,

See how to align TPRS to the Core Competencies found in the new BC Curriculum,

Discover ways to assess for proficiency that translate to higher scores.


The NON-BEGINNER TRACK will highlight the following topics:

  • managing the class during stories to maximize student engagement,
  • taking suggestions and story details from students,
  • moving beyond basic circling,
  • adding variety to spice up your teaching,
  • and finding your TPRS style in the classroom.

The NON-BEGINNER Track is designed for teachers that have been to a handful of workshops, are proficient in conducting lessons using storytelling strategies and have been a language teacher for more than 3 years. This track starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday with open sessions on Friday.

One PRE-CONFERENCE Workshop is available for this year’s conference: COACHING FOR COACHES, Check out the description below.


Pre-conference full-day Workshop ($125)

August 12, 2018     9:00 am – 4:00 pm

This workshop is great for those who are or aspiring to be mentors, cooperating teachers, department chairs, or PLC leaders who already
have a strong understanding of the steps of TPRS and/or TCI teaching.

The Coaching for Coaches full-day workshop takes participants through a series of activities to unleash their inner-coach while preparing them to return to their communities to support others on their TPRS journeys. Using the coaching team’s model, participants will not only reflect on their own skills but will also develop the language and demeanor needed to help others grow in a not threatening way. This workshop is great for those who are or aspiring to be mentors, cooperating teachers, department chairs, or PLC leaders who already have a strong understanding of the steps of TPRS and/or TCI teaching.

More info coming soon!


For questions check with Exhibit Coordinator Mike@tprsbooks.com

Adriana Ramírez
Adriana Ramirez works in Canada, in the province of British Columbia as a Spanish teacher. She has been a language teacher for more than 12 years. She is a well-known CI author and presenter. She has published several books with stories (in Spanish and French), to teach through storytelling and comprehensible input. She constantly presents at workshops in both Canada and the US. She trains and coaches teachers on applying CI techniques in the classroom, and welcomes guests to her classroom so they can see the power of TPRS first hand. You can watch a video of Adriana in her classroom on her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnrjR8QVCUD56gLPmycrug
Craig Sheehy
Craig, a former high school student of Blaine’s, has been teaching in the Nampa School District in Nampa, Idaho since 2005. Craig has a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish with a Business Minor and a Master's in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from Boise State University. He has taught all levels of Spanish and has taught as an adjunct professor in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department at Boise State University since 2003 and the College of Western Idaho since 2009. Craig learned TPRS as a student teacher and has been using it with his students ever since. Craig started presenting TPRS Workshops in 2011 and has presented at the National TPRS Conference since 2014. Craig has also served as President of both IATLC (Idaho Association of Teachers of Languages and Cultures) and PNCFL (Pacific Northwest Council for Languages). Craig currently resides in Nampa with his wife and five children.
Laurie Clarq
Teacher at heart. Always looking to encourage, support, and befriend other teachers! Languages are acquired and Comprehensible Input+Love are the powerful keys to acquisition and growth. Love to talk about reading, curriculum, music and reaching kids' hearts. Also how to connect with and be supported by colleagues near and far.
Michelle Metcalfe
Blaine Ray
Blaine is the inventor of TPRS and author of several TPRS materials. Blaine developed and refined TPRS while teaching high school for over 20 years in Ontario, OR and Bakersfield, CA. During a 4-year period while teaching in CA, more of Blaine’s students passed the AP Spanish test than 13 other high schools in the district combined. Blaine is an experienced presenter and has given TPRS presentations in all 50 states and in many foreign countries in various settings. He currently resides with his family in Woods Cross, UT, where he continues to teach Spanish as a volunteer at a local high school on a regular basis.
Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy "Señor" Jordan.
Michael Coxon
Michael has taught language classes from grades 1-12 in public and private schools. His graduate work is in Spanish Literature where he studied in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. Using TPRS, Michael has taught language classes as small as 4 students to as many as 120. Through years of implementing TPRS the learning results of his students have been undeniably successful and positive. Originally from a suburb of Chicago, Michael and his wife both live and teach in Tempe, Arizona.
Von Ray
Von is Blaine’s son. Von learned TPRS from his father. He taught middle school and high school Spanish for several years in CA. The middle school where he taught had a placement exam. Those that passed the exam were placed in level 2 high school Spanish. While teaching with TPRS over a 5-year span, Von and his colleague saw the pass rate increase from 30% the first year to over 90% the last year. Von is a seasoned presenter and has given TPRS presentations in 35 states and three foreign countries in various settings. He currently resides in Chandler, AZ near Phoenix with his family. He currently works full-time for his father’s business and teaches his elementary aged children using TPRS.


The registration of $369 USD includes daily lunches, and access to all NTPRS workshops and sessions August 13-16, 2018.

The Coaching for Coaches session on August 12, 9-4 is $50 USD.


To determine which level of training you need, click on the PROGRAM INFO tab.