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El viaje de su vida (2017) - Teacher Guide (Download)


Includes reading comprehension questions, matching exercises, drawing exercises, grammar in context, written prompts, T/F questions, crossword puzzles, word searches and more. In each chapter of this guide, there are several sections. The sections are divided into the following categories.

  1. Comprehension and discussion questions for the chapter: These may be used either before, during, or after the reading. Often these activities might be referred to as Personalized Questions and Answers or PQA. These questions be done verbally in a casual, conversational manner or made into quizzes
  2. During and Post-Reading Activities:?A collection of questions and activities to be used with the reading of the chapter. The questions can be used as kind of a ?cheat sheet? for teachers to know what questions to ask and the activities can be used when student read independently or as a group.
  3. Comic Strip activity:?Each chapter of the reader could use a comic strip. Teachers can assign students to retell the chapter by drawing it.? This allows students time to go back and reread storyline and dialogue from each chapter.

Sample ?- Chapter 1 and Standards Alignment

ISBN 978-1-60372-318-3



Carlos Ayala of Cincinnati, Ohio goes on a cruise with his family from the United States to the Yucatan. He is the only witness to the theft of an object of great monetary- cultural- and personal value. As he spend time with his family on vacation he tries unraveling the situation. ?In the end the thief tries to kill him- but . . .

Viaje de su vida SAMPLE

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45 pages
6,400 total words 145 words/page
Present tense, 200 word vocabulary
Culture-based Mystery (fiction), Yucatan, Mexico
Novice-mid. Great for beginners.

A Teacher guide is available on CD or Download.

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