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Tips on Making TPRS Teaching & Learning More Effective

Make your TPRS teaching even more effective with these tips:

Set Clear Goals

Set your goals as a TPRS teacher and stick to it. Make it a priority to help them learn the language and be able to apply it in a flowing and conversational setting. From this goal, you can map out your lesson plans and structures on how to engage them to create a more meaningful dialogue.

Create Variety

Teaching a foreign language isn’t the same as teaching students a fixed set of formulas that they only have to memorize and apply. Using the TPRS method doesn’t mean strictly sticking to the flow of the textbook, chapter by chapter. Remember that your goal is for students to be able to learn the language and accurately use it in a conversational manner. This requires a more dynamic approach to teaching them, instead of merely letting them memorize all the rules of the language without really putting it into practice.

Create variety to further engage the students, especially if they’re older since there’s a chance they would find it harder to learn a new language at that point. Provide creative ways in which they can apply the rules of the language that go beyond written and memorization-based tests.

Plan the Structure & Flow

Using the TPRS method can be a fun and adventurous activity even for a teacher, depending on how well you plan each session. The important thing is to be mindful of your main focal points for the day. Various TPRS lessons can include up to three structures (of the language) but you can very well go for just one or two if you deem it more effective.

Consider Taking Language Workshops

As a teacher, it’s also important to remember that there’s always room for more growth and knowledge even as you teach. During instances in which you may feel as though you’ve hit a slump or need a refresher course, you may want to take language classes for teachers. This could help you in learning new techniques and gain more creative tips so as to make your teaching more effective. These workshops can also serve as a conducive ground to do networking and to connect with other TPRS teachers as well.



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