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Ben, a seventeen year-old high school student, has high hopes for getting a car for his birthday. When the big day comes he does not get a car…

Staff Pick

Anton just moved to Berlin. He is new in school and doesn’t know anyone. He has a problem. Who can help him? He sees Heidi – a girl from biology class…

Featured Author of the Month

TPRS Books is extremely happy to highlight Jeremy Jordan as a featured author. His first TPRS graded reader is called The Statue. It is a suspenseful thriller that merges Mexican culture and history with a tale that students are sure to love!

In collaboration with the TPRS Books team, Jeremy's sense of humor and creativity has been channeled in order to create an instant classic called Bart wants a cat. This is the first of its kind, choose your own adventure style, book designed for language acquisition.

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