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What Makes Us Who We Are
TPR Storytelling® is a registered trademark owned by TPRS Books.

TPRS® or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling® is a method of teaching languages through comprehensible readings and interactive oral stories. Through compelling and repeated tales, students pick up the language — even if they haven’t studied grammar and vocabulary yet.

Blaine Ray developed the TPRS® in the late 1980s, but thousands of teachers have helped contribute to what the method is today and how it is implemented. TPRS Books is committed to continuing what Ray and other educators have done by training more teachers to apply and expand TPRS® in their classrooms.

Our sessions usually happen during the summer. We recruit seasoned TPRS/CI teachers to provide language training to other educators. Even our founder, Blaine Ray himself, does presentations about implementing TPRS to make students and teachers more fluent in writing and speaking different languages. We use books and other resource materials like starter kits and videos to make our workshops not only informative but also fun.

Von Ray is Blaine’s son. Throughout most of the year, Von is handling the day-to-day operations of TPRS® Books but also travels the country visiting classrooms and training teachers in workshops. Von has a passion for language teaching and training teachers in storytelling techniques. Contact:

Craig Sheehy (pronounced she-high) is an experienced high school and college language teacher. Formerly one of Blaine’s high school students, Craig has a unique perspective on TPRS and TPR. He is gifted at languages and is a kind and patient trainer. When Craig is not training teachers, he is organizing those school district trainings all over the world. Contact:

Kilee DeMille is the office manager. She has experience in shipping, receiving, and has worked in the printing industry for years. Kilee is the one that takes care of the materials orders, the book warehouse, workshop scheduling, interacting with customers and making sure the rest of the team is meeting deadlines. Contact:

Chelsea Bennett has been with TPRS since 2019 and was previously the office manager. She now serves in a customer service and marketing capacity. Contact:

Jeremy “Señor” Jordan is an experienced high school Spanish teacher that is well-known for his YouTube Spanish videos. Many know him for his ability to break things down into very simple steps. He is passionate about creating and developing quality materials to help teachers and students enjoy learning. Contact:

Blaine Ray has devoted his life to classroom teaching and improving the quality of language education. Even in his 60’s, Blaine is still traveling all over the world giving workshop trainings, guest teaching as a volunteer, consulting with language departments, improving his own teaching, and constantly searching for what yields the best results. Contact:

Zayde González is an experienced English and Spanish teacher that joined TPRS Books in October 2020. With her experiences in both education and business, she is the perfect contact for opening Latin America to the power of TPRS. Contact:

Pia Koch is a passionate English and German teacher who joined TPRS in 2020 as well. Her role is to train and be our European contact as TPRS continues to spread worldwide. Contact her at:

See our presenter bios to learn more about our teacher trainers.



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8:00am to 5:00pm MST
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