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TPRS Books collaborates with the University of the Pacific (UOP) to offer educators an opportunity to earn graduate-level university credits from taking TPRS® training and courses. We are devoted to reach many educators in the US and train them to make their language classes more comprehensible for students. We make this process convenient and affordable through our partnership with UOP.

For an additional cost of $62 per credit, TPRS Books will help you enroll in TPRS® courses designed to boost your professional growth. UOP is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. All the courses you’ll take through us will appear on an Official Transcript from the Registrar’s Office at UOP. You can use your earned credits to meet your salary advancement or recertification requirements.

We require educators to attend our TPRS workshop sessions before enrolling in our courses. But the time you’ll spend in workshops — from reading TPRS books and taking down notes to developing new activities based on what you’ve learned in the workshop — can be documented and submitted as part of your coursework completion.

Please note that some school districts require pre-approval before enrolling in our TPRS® courses. Make sure to know your district’s policies about off-campus training and workshops.


Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months from registering and extensions are always granted upon request. Your completed coursework should be saved as a PDF, JPEG or Word Document and include the following:

Title page with your Last name, First name, Course Number and Title, Number of Credits, last 4 digits of SSN and course Beginning/Ending date.

Log of hours documenting 15 hours per credit with dates and accomplishments. Include the total number of hours calculated for all coursework.

Narrative Report(s) per semester credit.

Email your completed coursework as an attachment to


After submitting your coursework, you will receive a confirmation by email notifying you that your coursework is in grading process. Your coursework will be reviewed by Dr. Lifson and his staff. Please allow a few business days to receive your confirmation.

Within 4-6 weeks from receiving your grading confirmation, you will receive a letter grade on an unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific by regular mail. Your unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific will include instructions to request your Official Transcript. Provisions for rushed or expedited transcripts are also available.

Earn up to 1, 2 or 3 credits as a “follow-up” to any TPRS workshop sessions that you attend(ed) by developing strategies/techniques or creating activities/projects that were inspired by the session that you attended. Each graduate-level credit will require 15 hours of documentation on a time log. This opportunity allows you to take it one step further then just attending and encourages you to IMPLEMENT what you learned from your experience.


Create a PDF, JPEG, or Word Document including a log of hours documenting the time you spend creating activities, projects, strategies, or techniques as a result of participating in a workshop session related to TPRS. You may also modify, change or adapt as well as incorporate original ideas to meet your professional needs. Creating your own log allows you the freedom of documenting all the time and effort you have dedicated to completing your final objectives. Your log must be specific and include dates with times and accomplishments. For each graduate-level credit, document 15 hours of involvement. All your coursework and participation must be away from professional paid hours. See log example below.


Along with your log of hours, you must provide a 3 page typed, single-spaced narrative report per credit. The culminating goal of your narrative report(s) is to demonstrate how the series of TPRS activities, strategies or techniques that you created and developed have ultimately enhanced your professional needs.


Step 1: Plan a minimum of three or more practical activities, strategies or techniques (per credit) of your choice and develop them into a form that can lead to the implementation in a classroom or program setting. You may also modify, change or adapt any ideas to meet your professional needs.

Step 2: Type a 3 page, single-spaced narrative report (per credit) demonstrating the professional application of the activities, strategies or techniques that you developed.

1 Graduate-Level Credit = 3 page narrative report
2 Graduate-Level Credits = 6 page narrative report
3 Graduate-Level Credits = 9 page narrative report


For each activity, strategy or technique that you choose to develop, report the following:
a) Description: Include details of workshop materials, sources and procedures used.
b) Utilization Methods of Implementation: Explain in detail how you will or did implement what you developed.
c) Population Target: Indicate the grade level, age, size of group, and type of classroom or program.
d) Objectives and Goals: Evaluate the goals and objectives of your activity, strategy or technique. What were, or will be the expected outcomes and reactions of your learners.
e) Take Away: Explain how the activity, strategy, or technique did or will enhance your professional needs.

The goal of the reflection paper is to summarize your overall experience in creating, finalizing and implementing what you learned. Some activities, strategies or techniques may require less than a page, others may require more. However, you must report on enough activities, strategies or techniques to generate at least three full pages per unit of credit. You may always report on more than three activities, strategies or techniques. This narrative is about your professional growth. Be creative with your writing!

1 Graduate-Level Credit = 3 page narrative report

2 Graduate-Level Credits = 6 page narrative report

3 Graduate-Level Credits = 9 page narrative report

Please note: It may be that you require less or more time completing your own personal activities and/or projects and that’s why we have left it to you to decide how you manage your time.



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