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Integrating Multiple Learning Techniques with TPRS

TPRS has long been established as an effective method of teaching foreign languages. What sets it apart from the traditional teaching setup is how it creates a more dynamic environment, in which students become more engaged and engrossed in learning a foreign language.

But while the components of TPRS on its own can be efficient enough, it’s still recommended for teachers to find more avenues and create more methods that they can integrate with TPRS. Herein lies the beauty of TPRS because it does not restrict professionals to stick to a fixed set of facets and structures that they have to follow every single time. There’s a certain fluidity and flexibility involved, all of which are aimed at the goal of helping students to comprehend the new language with much ease and confidence, especially in conversational settings. In fact, the more vibrant and active the teaching method is, the more effective it is in pulling in the attention and interest of the students—resulting to better chances of them retaining new structures of the language.

It is up to the teacher to setup and prepare a plan that would combine a variety of learning techniques and fusing it with TPRS practices. The tone of each lesson should be setup early on, in order to condition the minds of the students right off the bat and decrease the ambiguity brought about by new words and language constructions. Of course, repetition is an integral part of the learning process and once again, TPRS instructors should make this activity less tedious for the students as well.

You should also take initiative as a TPRS instructor to find more ways in which you can make your teaching methods more effective and progressive. One of the highly recommended ways of going about this is by taking supplementary language classes for teachers. It’s just right that even as you teach, you also make sure to allow yourself to be open to new learning and information that can help your career as well. These language workshops that are designed for TPRS instructors can aid you with a wide range of tips and techniques that you can apply in your classes. This is also a great chance for you to connect with colleagues in the field and gain insight from their own experiences as TPRS teachers as well.



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