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En busca del monstruo - Novel


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by Pablo Ortega López and Patricia Verano

Unique Word Count 1,226 - Various Tense - Level 3/4

Sometimes we go off on long journeys to realize certain dreams and we are surprised by what happens. Martin Sheffield arrived in Patagonia in southern Argentina over a hundred years ago. Apparently he had been a sheriff in Texas and he went to Patagonia to find two criminals who had gone there. He never found them. But he stayed in Patagonia the rest of his life. He had fallen in love with this beautiful remote area- and he was fascinated by the enduring legend of an immense monster that was feared by the natives. Although he was never able to realize his dream of capturing the monster- Martin lives in the history of Patagonia as a great adventurer. Now- a century later- Sarah Sheffield is planning to follow the steps of her legendary great grandfather and solve the mystery of the monster for once and for all. She doesn't know what kind of adventure awaits her in Patagonia.

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ISBN 978-1-60372-097-7

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