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María en Miami - Simpli-Guide (Download)



Don't let teaching a novel scare you!

TPRS Books Simpli-Guides save you time and effort so you can focus more on your students' reading success!


This Downloadable Simpli-Guide is simply a Teacher Guide to using the book in your classes. Don't feel pressured to use every activity or even ask every question in the guide. As the expert of your classroom, you decide which of the resources to use in the ways you see fit. This resource gives the teachers countless ideas to implement Comprehensible Input with each page of the reader.

This Simpli-Guide includes:

  • Ideas for upper levels
  • How to use Teacher “cheat sheets”
  • Got questions on How to PQA
  • Using PictureTalk (and pictures for each chapter)
  • Getting Mileage Out of Novels
  • Extension ideas
  • Teacher “cheat sheets” for each chapter
  • Chapter Quizzes, a Final Assessment and Additional assessment ideas
  • Numerous nonfiction articles
  • Grading Rubrics for speaking/writing

Simpli-Guide Sample


Get the Novel for this Simpli-Guide.

Immerse your students in the sounds of language with the Audio book.

Have even more fun and get creative with your students with the book’s Music and  Activities.

Save with the Teacher Value Pack (includes novel, audio book, and simpli-guide)!


To see all novels and resources available, click here.


This Simpli-Guide is also available on CD.

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