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Tips on Making TPRS Teaching & Learning More Effective

Make your TPRS teaching even more effective with these tips: Set Clear Goals Set your goals as a TPRS teacher and stick to it. Make it a priority to help them learn the language and be able to apply it in a flowing and conversational setting. From this goal, you can map out your lesson […]
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Integrating Multiple Learning Techniques with TPRS

TPRS has long been established as an effective method of teaching foreign languages. What sets it apart from the traditional teaching setup is how it creates a more dynamic environment, in which students become more engaged and engrossed in learning a foreign language. But while the components of TPRS on its own can be efficient […]
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Philosophy behind the TPRS Teaching Technique and Its Success

TPRS or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (also formerly known as Total Physical Response Storytelling) is a method of teaching world languages. It was developed by Blaine Ray in the 1990's, and since then, became one of the most popular language classes for teachers. According to most language teachers, they get to interact with […]
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Why Is TPRS the Best Method in Teaching a Second Language?

It’s highly recommended for teachers to take TPRS language workshops. There is a mountain of growing research that shows TPRS to be very effective in increasing fluency among students through it's innovative set of education principles, learning practices, and techniques. But why is TPRS  the best method in teaching a second language? TPRS is a […]
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