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Setting the BART Higher!

At TPRS Books, teachers often ask the question, “What level is this book?” While we understand the question, we would like to dispel the myth at this time that Bart […]
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TPRS Teacher Feature March 2020

CAN A DRESS SAVE THE WORLD? This is the question Bess Hayles asks her students each December. As a high school teacher in the Kansas City area, Hayles heard about […]
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7 Ways to Make Language Learning Fun for Kids

  Teaching a foreign language to children can be an immensely rewarding albeit challenging experience. Aside from the complex rules of grammar and syntax, you also have to deal with […]
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TPRS®: Using Storytelling to Learn a New Language

Teaching a foreign language can be challenging, especially if you’re teaching it to non-native speakers. Students may not apply what they’ve learned outside the classroom, causing them to forget words […]
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Teachers need to think more like students!

Excerpt from Blaine Ray's keynote address at NTPRS 2016 What is TPRS? It has always been a moving target.  In TPRS, we do not claim to have all the answers…we […]
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Learning the TPRS Method in Language Workshops

Teaching a second language can be such a difficult undertaking if you don’t know how to be creative in sharing knowledge with another person. Teachers attend language workshops to improve […]
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Secondary Language Teaching Using the TPRS Method

The TPRS Method or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is a unique way of teaching foreign language in a classroom setting. Secondary language teaching is never the same again […]
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Tips on Making TPRS Teaching & Learning More Effective

Make your TPRS teaching even more effective with these tips: Set Clear Goals Set your goals as a TPRS teacher and stick to it. Make it a priority to help […]
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