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Bart veut un chat - French



 by Jeremy "Señor" Jordan

It's MY Story SERIES?

In this book, YOU choose where the story goes. Follow your choices until the very end. How many endings can you find? This book was written with you in mind. You will recognize hundreds of words that look like English words as you read in French.

This book has been written based on Blaine Ray's Cuento del gato that was first written in Look, I Can Talk in 1989. Blaine's first book stressed the importance of making learning languages easier and the experience for students exciting and interesting. The mission of this story is to add innovation to Blaine?s original creation while making it an amazing adventure and reading experience for teachers and students alike. This story is about celebrating the past and never forgetting the focus on the student experience. We hope that each opportunity to make your own story is a fun and funny experience and that readers will want to read and explore each adventure.

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70 unique words

ISBN 978-1-60372-222-3

Bart veut un chat - SAMPLE

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