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German Sample Novel Package


  • Arme Anna - Novel

    by Blaine Ray

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-0-929724-62-1

    Anna leads a tough life. Her mother is always on her case. Her family doesn't have much money but her best friends' families are rich. She's extremely jealous of them. When she gets an opportunity to go to Leipzig, Germany, she goes to a city where she lives with a very nice family that has conflicts similar to hers. Her view of her life changes radically. When she returns home, she sees everything in a different light.

    See Arme Anna Sample and Glossary.

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  • Bart will eine Katze - Novel

    by Jeremy  Jordan

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-1-60372-223-8

    It's MY Story Series!

    In this book, YOU choose where the story goes. Follow your choices until the very end. How many endings can you find? This book was written with you in mind. You will recognize hundreds of words that look like English words as you read in German.

    This book has been written based on Blaine Ray's Cat Story that was first written in Look, I Can Talk in 1989. Blaine's first book stressed the importance of making learning languages easier and the experience for students exciting and interesting. The mission of this story is to add innovation to Blaine's original creation while making it an amazing adventure and reading experience for teachers and students alike. This story is about celebrating the past and never forgetting the focus on the student experience. We hope that each opportunity to make your own story is a fun and funny experience and that readers will want to read and explore each adventure as they acquire German.

    See Bart will eine Katze Sample and Glossary.

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  • Die Reise seines Lebens - Novel

    by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

    Level 1/2 - ISBN 978-1-60372-373-2

    Karl Schmidt a 16-year old from Ohio, goes to Germany with his family. He is the only witness to a theft of an object of great value. While on the trip he has an encounter with a thief that tries to kill him.

    See Die Reise seines Lebens Sample and Glossary.

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  • Dirk und seine guten Ideen - Novel

    by Magaly Rodríguez

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-1-60372-240-7

    School can be boring, but for Dirk it's really boring. His imagination and the city of Berlin are his only escape from teachers that talk too much, sleep too much, yell too much, and sing too much. Where will his imagination take him?

    See Dirk und seine guten Ideen Sample and Glossary.

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  • Dirk und seine guten Freunde - Novel

    by Chris Stolz

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-1-60372-241-4

    Having good friends is important to everyone. For Dirk, having good friends is a recipe for disaster. What will Dirk and his good friends do to become famous on YouTube?

    See Dirk und seine guten Freunde Sample and Glossary.

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  • Fast stirbt er - Novel

    by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

    Unique Word Count 400 - Level 1 - ISBN 978-0-929724-43-0

    Rachel Klein gets an opportunity to spend six months in Northern Bavaria. She meets many new people including two German boys, a nice one and a mean one. Can the mean one change? What will Rachel learn about herself and another culture?

    See Fast stirbt er Sample and Glossary.

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  • Neue Konversationen, Neue Komplikationen - Novel


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  • Neue Reise, Neue Abenteuer - Novel

    By Eric Richards

    Level 2 - ISBN 978-1-60372-289-6

    It is winter break. Anton, Heidi, Felix, Lena and Maria are traveling to Austria. Everyone is excited about skiing and spending time together. Anton is also looking forward to seeing his friends and family. Their train arrives, and their adventure begins - but not as expected. Anton's brother - Hannes - surprises him at the train station - but that is not the only surprise. Nina is also there. As these friends continue to discover more about each other, relationships will be questioned. Will their pasts prove too complicated? Will an accident bring understanding? As their trip unfolds, friendships will be challenged, and emotions tried.

    See neue Reise, neue Abenteuer Sample and Glossary.

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  • Neue Schule, Neue Freunde - Novel

    by Eric Richards

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-1-54259-806-4

    Anton just moved to Berlin. He is new in school and doesn't know anyone. He has a problem. Who can help him? He sees Heidi, a girl from biology class. He is nervous, but he walks over and asks her for help. With Heidi's help and friendship, Anton adjusts to his new school. As he meets new classmates, he is befriended by Felix and Lena, but what are their true intentions? As their relationships grow and change, Anton and his new friends face new realities and challenging decisions.

    For educators: neue Schule, neue Freunde is a chapter book for beginning language learners. It incorporates thematic vocabulary, embedded elements and dialogue. It is written so that beginning language students can identify with themes and characters as they grow and develop. The book can be effectively implemented with a variety of teaching styles, including: traditional, communicative, thematic, TPRS, CI and others. It is also designed to help facilitate read-aloud, sustained silent readings, student acting, personalization, interaction and more. There are two sections at the end of the book. One section is general comprehension questions over the chapters. The other section is individualized questions designed to give students more practice (with the structures and vocabulary) by allowing the student to engage and respond in a personalized manner. This section is easily expandable and lends itself well for PQA sessions, class discussions and personalization in the classroom.

    See Neue Schule, neue Freunde Sample and Glossary.

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  • Petra reist nach Kalifornien - Novel

    by Blaine Ray

    Level 1 - ISBN 978-1-60372-242-1

    Petra is a 15-year old girl from the German Island of Rugen who goes to California as an exchange student. She lives with a caring American family but encounters prejudice at school- especially from a girl named Debbie. By chance Petra finds Debbie in a dangerous situation. She acts quickly and decisively to rescue her. This incident and what happens afterwards profoundly affects both girls.

    See Petra reist nach Kalifornien Sample and Glossary.

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