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Why Is TPRS the Best Method in Teaching a Second Language?

It’s highly recommended for teachers to take TPRS language workshops. There is a mountain of growing research that shows TPRS to be very effective in increasing fluency among students through it's innovative set of education principles, learning practices, and techniques. But why is TPRS  the best method in teaching a second language?

TPRS is a creative and modern way of teaching students a new language without having to go strictly by the books. It features engaging activities that attract the interest and attention of students, making them more open and susceptible to absorbing a new language without getting easily distracted or bored.

It’s no secret just how difficult teaching a foreign language can be, especially as students get older. TPRS employs story-based teaching strategies that are very effective for a wide range of students and easy for teachers to implement in the classroom setting. It is teaching without making students feel like they are stuck within the traditional norms of learning, which often leave them retaining only short-term information. TPRS truly engages the students through powerful yet fun activities that will have them fluent in a foreign language in no time.



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